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19 victoires



492 Fighter Squadron
(3 vict)

Nom Grade Unité Date Ennemi Avion d'arme TOP Nbr Vict
BEISNER PHILLIP J 2nd Lt 492FTR 09-21-1944 - - European 1
BOWER VINCENT A 2nd Lt 492FTR 09-21-1944 - - European 0.5
FORBES WALTER B 1st Lt 492FTR 09-21-1944 - - European 1
HOESTEN LUTHER P 1st Lt 492FTR 09-21-1944 - - European 0.5


493 Fighter Squadron
(9.5 vict)

Nom Grade Unité Date Ennemi Avion d'arme TOP Nbr Vict
BAKER ROYAL N Major 493FTR 08-05-1944 - - European 0.5
BRYSON WILLIAM C Major 493FTR 06-12-1944 - - European 1
DILLEY WILLIAM G JR 2nd Lt 493FTR 12-17-1944 - - European 1.25
FOULKES HOWARD W JR 2nd Lt 493FTR 12-17-1944 - - European 0.25
FREEMAN JOSEPH J JR 1st Lt 493FTR 12-17-1944 - - European 1
HEYL RODNEY W 1st Lt 493FTR 12-17-1944 - - European 0.25
HUMPHRIES GORDON P 2nd Lt 493FTR 06-12-1944 - - European 1.5
JACKSON EARL E JR 1st Lt 493FTR 12-17-1944 - - European 0.25
PORTER DENVER M Captain 493FTR 06-12-1944 - - European 0.5
PULLIS GEORGE L 1st Lt 493FTR 04-08-1945 - - European 1
SIMMERMAN NEIL E Captain 493FTR 06-12-1944 - - European 1
WHITE LLOYD 1st Lt 493FTR 08-05-1944 - - European 0.5
YOUNG HOMER L 1st Lt 493FTR 06-12-1944 - - European 0.5


494 Fighter Squadron
(8 vict)

Nom Grade Unité Date Ennemi Avion d'arme TOP Nbr Vict
JOHNSON WILLIAM R 1st Lt 494FTR 12-27-1944 - - European 1
JONES KENNETH T 1st Lt 494FTR 12-27-1944 - - European 1
KOSCHESKI NELSON W. 1st Lt 494FTR 12-27-1944 - - European 2
KUPERSMITH BERNARD L 1st Lt 494FTR 12-24-1944 - - European 1
LEFFORGE JESSE D 2nd Lt 494FTR 12-24-1944 - - European 0.5
LENTON WILLARD B 2nd Lt 494FTR 12-27-1944 - - European 1
RIFFLE CHARLES W 1st Lt 494FTR 12-24-1944 - - European 0.5
WAKEFIELD GARRET D 1st Lt 494FTR 12-27-1944 - - European 1


The 48th Bombardment Group (Light) was constituted on 20 Nov 1940 and activated on 15 Jan 1941. It was redesigned the 48th Bombardment Group (Dive) on Sept 1942 and the 48th Fighter Bomber Group in August 1943. Used A-20s and B-18s during 1941 and A-20, A-24, A-31, A-35, A-36, P-39, P-40 and other aircraft between 1942 and 1944.

Utilized as a Replacement Training Unit, participated in maneuvers, and for a brief time engaged in coastal patrol missions. Received a few P-47s at Walterboro, SC AAF in early 1944. Moved overseas to England in March 1944, assigned to 9th AF, and received operational training in P-47s. Began combat operations on 20 Apr 1944 by making a fighter sweep over the coast of France. Redesigned 48th Fighter Group in May 1944. Flew escort and dive-bombing missions to help prepare for the invasion of Normandy. Bombed bridges and gun positions on D-Day, 6 Jun 1944, and attacked rail lines and trains, motor transports, bridges, fuel dumps, and gun positions the rest of the Normandy campaign.

Moved to Strip 4 near Longueville, Normandy in Jun 1944. Helped Allied forces break through the German lines at St Lo in Jul 1944, and supported the Allied drive across France in August and September, and assisted the airborne attack on Holland in September. Cited by Belgian government for close cooperation with Allied armies during the period Jun-Sept 1944.

Moved to Airstrip A-12, Paris early Sept 1944 and to Airstrip A-74, Cambrai, France later that same month. Moved to Airstrip A-92, Sint-Truiden (St Trond), Belgium early Oct 1944. Cited again by the Belgian government for operations conducted during the Fall and Winter of 1944-1945. Received the Distinguished Unit Citation for action on 6 Dec 1944: facing intense enemy fire while flying below heavy overcast, the group struck buildings , entrenchments, and troop concentrations to assist the advance of ground forces against an enemy stronghold north of Julich, Germany. Supported ground operations during the Battle of the Bulge(Dec1944-Jan 1945)and received third Belgian citation for relentless assaults against the enemy during that battle. Continued tactical air operations from bases on the Continent, supporting ground forces until the end of the war.

Moved to Airstrip Y-54 Kelz, Germany late Mar 1945, to Airstrip R-12, Kassel, Germany late Apr 1945 and to Airstrip R-10, Illesheim, Germany the same month. During combat also flew patrol, escort, weather reconnaissance, and leaflet missions: on one occasion carried blood plasma that was dropped in belly tanks to ground troops. Moved to US during August-Sept 1945.

Group inactivated 7 Nov 1945. Squadrons--492nd (formerly 55th); 493rd ( formerly 56th); 494th (formerly 57th). All 1941-1945. 495th ( formerly 88th)-1941-1944.


Savannah, GA 15 Jan 1941
Will Rogers Field,OK 22 May 1941
Savannah, GA 7 Feb 1942
Key Field, MS 28 Jun 1942
William Norther Field, TN 20 Aug 1943
Walterboro AAF, SC 27 Jan-13 Mar 1944
Ibsley, England 29 Mar 1944
Deux Jumeau (Loungeville), France 18 Jun 1944
Villacoublay, France 29 Aug 1944
Cambrai/Niergnies, France 15 Sept 1944
Sint-Truiden(St Trond), Belgium 30 Sept 1944
Kelz, Germany 26 Mar 1945
Kassel, Germany 17 Apr 1945
Illesheim, Germany 29 Apr 1945
Laon, France 5 Jul- Aug 1945
Seymour-Johnson AAF, NC 9 Sept 1945-7 Nov 1945


Lt Col Bernard S Thompson 1941
Col Norman R Burnett unkn
Lt Col Preston P Pender 1943
Col Dixon M Allison 8 Nov 1943
Col George L Wertenbacker 23 Apr 1944
Col James K Johnson Oct 1944
Lt Col Harold L McNeely 8 Jun 1945
Lt Col Paul P Douglas 28 Jun 1945

Campaigns Decorations

Antisubmarine Distinguished Unit Citation Germany 6 Dec 1944
American Theater Cited in the Order of the Day, Belgian Army 6 Jun- 30 Sept 1944
Air Offensive 1 Oct 1944- 14 Dec 1944
Europe 18 Dec 1944- 15 Jan 1945
Northern France Belgian Fourragere
Central Europe

Insignia; Shield; Argent, on a pale engraved azure, a dexter hand couped at the wrist grasping a sword.

Motto: Vulneratus Non Victus- Unconquered even though wounded. (Approved 12 Jan 1942) *

The 48th Fighter Group did not make any Aces solely from within the group, but R. Baker scored a half kill while with the 48th and ended his flying career with 16½ victories - 13 in Korea

Commendations Awarded the 48th FG

Battle Honors Awarded the 48th FG

Two quotes regarding the 48th Ftr Grp by General Elwood "Pete" Quesada, Commander 9th Fighter Command, 9th Air Force.....

"Congratulations on your operations on 12th October 1944, it was a damn good day and reflects great credit on the leadership, pride, personnel and ground crews of the 48th. It was a damn good day." - signed Quesada

"It is my pleasure to congratulate you, the 48th Fighter Group, on your outstanding operations in support of the VII Corps on the afternoon of 15 October, 1944. The ground commanders report that a heavy counterattack was repulsed as a direct result of your fine work. Your aggressive spirit in operating under such adverse weather conditions reflects great credit on your organization and this command." - signed Quesada


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STARS & BARS - Frank Olynyk - Grub Street Editions